4 C’s to Becoming Organized

Step One: Consultation Assessment

Edited Places can talk with you over the phone or Skype and will visit you at your home or company, at a time convenient to you to discuss your goals and wishes, and the obstacles you’ve noticed get in your way of staying organized. This will be considered a needs assessment.

Afterwards,  I’ll develop a plan to get you on your way, including a cost estimate based on your budget and needs.

Step Two: Collaboration

In your home, you may be facing a disorganized kitchen and pantry or a family calendar of activities that overwhelming.

In your business (whether it’s being conducted from your home or office away from your home), you may have a filing system that’s outdated and no longer works, or productivity has been lost due to a number of reasons. 

Edited Places will help you get organized and on track to have a balanced life. I’ll help you think through what is most important in your life, and which things are weighing you down and causing disorganization.

Step Three: Consolidation

Edited Places will help you organize what remains in your home–the precious, the energizing, the necessary. 

Consolidation for your business means you’ll be able to manage more efficiently with better systems in place–such as document management and productivity.   

Step Four: Celebration

You’ve done it! Your home space is your own again.

Your business space is productive again.

You are celebrating that now you are free to enjoy a vibrant connection to life and the things most important to you.

We know that developing new habits like organization take time, so Edited Places includes a follow-up conference call in case you need a little reinforcement.

Your lifestyle, renewed!