What’s on sale in June?!

As I was browsing the morning articles on the Internet, one entitled “What’s on sale in June?” caught my eye, so I clicked on the link to read it. The article was tagged ‘frugal’ which is an adjective that I sometimes use to describe myself. Some of the items on sale listed by the writer were sporting equipment, grills and accessories, fruits and veggies and summer clothes.  Being a professional organizer, I started thinking about how we would run out to get some of these great summer bargains just to add more stuff in our homes.

In January, things that are on sale are usually associated with revival, new beginnings, and resolutions such as organizing products, weight lost help products and fresh white sheets. I’d like for you to think about having a June resolution. If you plan on shopping for summer sale items, resolve to get rid of some of the clutter already in your home. Summer is a great time for decluttering. You’ll have lots of space outside to sort your items (if you have a yard or porch).  In my previous blog, I gave  you organizing tips to have a garage sale. You’ll make some money to buy that new grill!

We spend more time in our homes in the winter, and looking at a lot of clutter can add to the feeling of “winter blues.” Taking the time to declutter your home this summer can help your mental health this winter. I’m offering a sale through June 30!

15% off my regular rate for clutter busting for new customers.

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In case you missed the “What’s on sale in June?” article, here’s the link: http://www.bankrate.com/finance/frugal/on-sale-june.aspx.