Tools That Help Me Plan My Day

A typical weekday starts with me entering my home office to turn on the computer and my Anytime Organizer screen opens up.  This inexpensive organizer is the center of my time management regime.

Computer desktop for Edited Places

Computer desktop for Edited Places









  • I create appointments – business and personal.
  • To Do Lists are colored coded by business, personal, community, etc.
  • I can Journal my day’s activities.
  • Contacts are entered.
  • I’m reminded of birthdays.
  • And, I can keep track of expenses.

I can sync the Anytime Organizer calendars with my Android phone and tablet.

Just below my computer screen is a color-coded desk calendar that helps feed my creativity.  Appointments and notes are doodled here also.

Then there is my trusty companion for many years – The Tickler File!  It has been all over my home – the living room, kitchen and bedroom. It allows me to chronologically file paper documents  that go along with the appointments or tasks for a particular date until action is necessary.

My Tickler File!

My Tickler File!










Is the use of modern day technology and the “old paper system” overkill to help me plan and manage my time?  Perhaps for some, but it works for me. There are so many tasks a self-employed person has to do. There is so much information that has to be gathered and processed to help make decisions to run a business and manage your personal life. To balance my work and life priorities, I can focus on what I have planned for the day with these aides as reminders.

6  rules I follow to get things done in a day are:

1. I decide what needs to get accomplished based upon commitments and responsibilities.

2. I list and prioritize tasks and activities according to my capabilities for that day.

3. I avoid interruptions that are counter productive to my completing tasks.

4. I delegate tasks that I don’t have the capability of handling myself.

5. I leave some time unscheduled.

6. At the end of the day, I evaluate if I’ve been productive.

Whether you utilize the old paper planners or modern day technology, I think it’s liberating to purposely plan your day (however, there will always be those unexpected events on any given day). On the flip side, I know some people think it’s liberating not to plan and just go with the flow.  The world functions with both types of people.

How do you plan your day – Outlook, Franklin Covey, Paper Calendars, Tickler File, icalendar, Smartphone, Tablet, Computer…?  Help me count the ways!