The Practical Daughter

A recent client of mine is a very fortunate woman. Her daughter gave her an organizing session as a Christmas present.  I visited the client’s space for an assessment on Thanksgiving Day last year and a few months later, she has the sewing room and office space that she has wanted since her son moved out of the room.  Of course, her son had left quite a few of his belongings but she didn’t sell them off like Kobe Bryant’s mother did.

It was an all day marathon of decluttering, taking unwanted items to a charitable organization, shopping for organizing products and organizing the space.  When I got home and pulled off my jeans, a long piece of red thread was stuck on the legs – evidence of a hard day’s work.

End of a hard day's work

One good thing from this session, the client had several organizing items already and I spent less than $50.00 for new items.  Some of the items she already had, I simply utilized them in a different way than she was currently using them, such as a large sewing organizing tote. She had a lot of scrap materials and some sewing notions placed in it haphazardly.  I cleared it out and made it her “current project” container.  It was placed under her sewing machine and now she will use it more efficiently by putting everything she needs and is working on for one project at a time.







See for yourself the dramatic change in this space.  sewing room chaos

A future sewing roomClient organized sewing roomunorganized sewing supplies shelfbuttons-threads-notions and stuffnotions on a shelfthrifty thread holderunorganized workspaceorganized office space