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“I’ll need this someday.”

Are these words familiar to you when it comes to hanging onto to an item in your home? A year or ten years later you haven’t used that item, so face the truth, it has become clutter!

Here are the top 5 reasons I’ve heard as to why we hang onto stuff?

Reason 5 – “I’ll get it fixed later.”   broken vacuum cleaner







outdated jeansReason 4 – “I’ll lose/gain weight and will be able to wear it again.”









old tape recorder  Reason 3 – “I paid a lot of money for this.”









ugly chair


Reason 2 –  “I don’t use it but it belonged to my grandfather/grandmother (or other relative).

They are deceased and I hate to get rid of it.”








stacked mailReason 1 – “I just don’t have time to go through my mail, read my magazines or newspapers or file away   paperwork.”





We hold onto to things that no longer have value. We hold onto to things because of sentimental reasons. We hold onto to things because of perceived value. We don’t do tasks because of time management issues. These are reasons that cause clutter in our homes. They cause our homes to be less desirable to live in. They cause our lives to become overwhelmed.

Are these “things” cluttering your home or your life?  You don’t have to worry, I won’t tell anyone I found them in your home.

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The Animal House Series, Article 3 – The Elephants in the Room

Article 3 in a Series of 3

When my daughter visited me after I moved to Washington, DC, she looked around the living room and stated, “You have a lot of stuff but it’s organized.  It’s not cluttered like some grandma’s houses.”  Recently my teenage grandson visited and asked, “What’s up with the tea pots?”  Those comments made me take a different look at ‘knick knacks’ and collectibles I had everywhere in my home.  Although I don’t have a collection of porcelain elephants taking over my home, I asked myself, “How does one start collecting things?”  For me, a few mementos are of sentimental value, such as the homemade cookbooks and Christmas ornaments made by my daughters when they were in preschool and elementary school. The teapot collection started when I found what I thought was a collectible teapot worth a lot of money at a yard sale.  That collection grew into about 20 teapots. When I moved back to Nashville and had to downsize my home, I took most of them to a local charity thrift store and kept those that I liked best, still enough for my grandson to notice.

Purging my collectibles, including my scrapbook paper collection, books, magazines, CDs, videos and decorative accessory objects has pained me greatly at times. However, when I do edit mementos and collectibles, my home looks less cluttered and my mind is uncluttered also.  I’m more productive and focused. I still have “stuff” but it looks good since there’s less stuff.  I’ve found great containers and organizing products. There are places your eyes can rest without seeing so much “stuff.”  My knick knacks are arranged by category or color. I wish I could showcase my grandmother’s china collection which is stored away in my buffet, but I’m afraid my daughter will steal it piece by piece. She’s still upset it was passed down to me instead of her and brings up the subject every chance she gets. LOL!

A few “do’s and don’ts” for a few collectibles:

Do find a way to show or secure your collectibles without taking up an excess amount of space in your home. Organization will be simpler for you and you’ll find you can put things almost anywhere if you find great organizing or display products. Be creative. For example, that vintage jewelry collection can be displayed in a shadow box and hung on a wall.

Don’t try to showcase all your collectibles in one space, especially if you live in a small space. This will appear as clutter. Try rotating items periodically. This will also help freshen up your home design.

Do purge books, magazines, CDs or videos if they’re out of date or you don’t enjoy them any longer. Share by donating to the local library, senior citizens centers, schools or hospitals.  Think tax deduction or the ‘I’m a good person feeling’ you get when you share!

Don’t put collectibles in an area that they don’t belong.  Put them where they’re purposeful. The porcelain elephant collection may look great in the kitchen but putting it in a curio cabinet in the living room would showcase it better.