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Marrying Organizing Styles

As the saying goes, “opposites attract.” It’s the wedding season and many couples combine households with little thought of how many things they each have to bring into one space.  They have the wedding gifts to deal with also.

One person’s organizing style may be that throwing their dirty clothes across a chair is the ideal solution than dropping them on the floor. The other person, of course, uses a practical hamper that sorts clothing by color.  One person thinks an exposed shelving unit in the kitchen to show off all the pretty dishes is fantastic while the other person wants them behind closed doors so that they don’t have to be neat all the time. 

If you are ‘opposites’ and haven’t had a conversation on your organizing style, contact me for a consultation. If you’ve had a conversation on how to purge your households and ‘organizing’ is a dirty word, contact me for a consultation. I’ll help you get through the beginning of your marriage peaceably.

Your lifestyles renewed for joining together!