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Pretty and Practical Organizing Products

Big Lots fabulous find

Found at Big Lots

Everything A $ Store Find

Everythings A $ Store Find

Shopping for items to organize a client’s space is one business task I enjoy more than the bookkeeping. When a client hires me, I’ll request that they do not purchase any organizing or storage products before we start the job. The reason is that most often, what you need is already in your home. It may take a creative mind to see how to reuse an item for organizing, such as repurposing a small bookshelf into a storage unit to hold towels and toiletries in a small bathroom. However, after the clutter is cleared, you may have to purchase some things. It’s important to include organizing and storage products in your budget when you plan to organize your space.


When I saw these cute storage bins at Big Lots, I thought one could be put in an entry closet to hold hats, gloves, scarves and other items you would store in an entry closet. Or,  perhaps you have a small child and one could be used as a dresser to hold underwear items. It’s hard to find a dresser for $29.99 and it can be repurposed as the child grows.  I went to the Everything’s A Dollar Store to stock up on things that I may need at a spur of the moment, such as sympathy cards and cheap batteries.  I found they had many shelves stocked with organizing items. These little silver and black bins could hold hair bands in the bathroom or paper clips in the home office. The best thing is that the items I saw were very practical and only $1.00!

When I attended a workshop last year, I met Teauna Upshaw, Independent Director for Thirty One Gifts in Nashville, TN. She recently sent me a .pdf that had organizing products to create a wonderful home office space. I wanted to redesign my office immediately!  Their products are a little bit more than Big Lots or the Everything’s A Dollar Store but if you have the budget, I’m sure you’ll find something you like so I’m sharing the .pdf and their website:

January Customer Special 2013 .pdf: ThirtyOne catalog January Customer Special 2013

Teauna’s website:  www.mythirtyone.com/43484 .

When you’re shopping, take a look around to see if you can find pretty and practical organzing and storage products and let me know what you find. I could use a little help with my shopping task.

A New Sweater for Christmas? – A Reason to Organize Your Closet!

I got a new sweater for Christmas and I’m not thinking about re-gifting it because I absolutely love it! However, I have several sweaters already. I’m a firm believer that when I bring one item into my home, I remove one item. The space I have designated in my closet only holds so many sweaters, so I have to make a decision as to which older sweater I’ll donate to someone.  The choice is easy because I have a sweater that is almost the same pattern as my new sweater.

Sweaters for web

The new year gives us a reason to organize, right?! Why not start with your closet? I’ve found a great Clothing Organizing Checklist from Real Simple Magazine to share with you.


Reap the rewards of keeping an organized closet by …

Gaining time in the morning when you’re getting dressed,

Making your clothes, shoes and accessories last longer when they are properly stored, and

Saving money because you don’t buy duplicate items when you know what’s in your closet.

I’m starting the new year off to a good start by wearing my new sweater, donating my old sweater and keeping my closet less cluttered from too many sweaters. If you haven’t decided what to do with the gift cards you received, why don’t you use them to help you create the closet of your dreams, or at least one that is better organized!  Let me know if one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to have an organized closet and how you plan to do it.

Happy New Year and Happy Closet Organizing!

The Animal House Series, Article 1 – What’s Hogging Your Closet?

 Article 1 in a Series of 3

(Are those…   canned goods…  in your closet?!!!)

    After leaving my job in Washington, DC, I returned home to stay with my Mom until I could find a place to live in Nashville, TN. With time on my hand, I did the thing that was most natural for me. I found tasks to keep me busy and to “earn my keep” while my Mom was at work. Although semi-retired, she still runs her own housecleaning business.

I opened my Mom’s clothing closet, and not to my surprise, I found stockpiled can goods and staples. I wasn’t surprised because my Mom is from the Depression era and she always stockpiled food during my childhood.

After sorting the food items, I put quite a few rusted, expired cans and a couple of old bags of rice and macaroni in a  box and placed them on her back porch  (to assure her they were expired before I threw them away). I then organized her kitchen cabinets placing the food items from her closet into them. When she came home, I showed her my work. She politely said she knew she probably had a lot of expired food, that some had been given to her and some she just forgot about.  She wasn’t quite sure if she liked the newly arranged cabinets but thought she could live with the change. However, I think she wanted permission from someone else that it was okay to let go of some things people give you.

Change doesn’t come easy for many of us. Lesson learned for me–always ask before proceeding to make changes to someone’s home, even if I do have good intentions and even if it is my own mother!  Let me assure you, as a professional organizer, I will work with you and will never intrude into your space to discard anything or make any changes without your permission. I hope she’ll let me organize that closet soon.

We all know that food products have an expiration date. However, if we’re keeping food in our closets, or places other than our pantries, and don’t use before expiration, we’re wasting money, space, and  a possible health risk if we eat expired food, according to WebMD. You can get more information on food product dating from USDA Fact Sheets: http://www.fsis.usda.gov/Factsheets/Food_Product_dating/index.asp. Whether we stockpile food because we grew up in a less prosperous time, or because we feel obligated to keep what others have given us, letting go or using food items before expiration can be a weight off our shoulders. In fact, it may feel a bit like hog heaven!

Click here to download a free printable Grocery List!