Photo Organizing – A Good New Year’s Resolution!

I recently had someone ask me if  a professional organizer was like a hair stylist, stating that they do fantastic work on styling someone’s hair but their hair style usually isn’t the best (her words and no disrespect to hair stylists). I was happy to reply that although my home is not picture perfect with beautiful, expensive organizing products, everything has a place and 98% of the time, everything is put back in its place.

Most people think that professional organizers want you to get rid of everything, but we have collections also.  I have a pretty substantial collection of CDs, and I know they can be digitized onto my computer,  I don’t want to get rid of them. As long as I own a small CD player, I will keep my CD collection.  The collection doesn’t take up a lot of space the way I have them organized and containerized.

So when I started looking around my home, I found one project that I have neglected organizing is my massive collection of photos.  I have them semi-organized, but the system could use some improvement.  One positive thing about my collection is that it is organized in some fashion. I have photos on negatives, smart media cards, disks and USB drives. I have them in photos albums and, I hate to admit, just piled into into photo boxes. 




















I don’t keep a lot of photos on my camera, smartphone or computer.  I read that the memory card in your camera has a life span. Most recently, I really try to transfer all photos I take to a USB drive.

Since I make memory books, I  print photos at home and  I also take advantage of the online photo printer services like Shutterfly when I want to create an album for someone else. When I’m in a hurry to get the photos, I’ll upload them to Walgreen’s so I can pick them in an hour or so.  It’s cheaper to print a large quantity with a photo service provider than printing at home.

With so many printed photos – a lot of duplicates and bad photos –  I’m seeking help in getting those better organized. I found this Ideabook on organizing photos on Houzz.  Let me get started.  I’ll show you the end result.  If you have a great system, send me your ideas.