Bouncing Back!

At the end of 2014, I had a couple of great things that happened in my life.  In November, I went on my first cruise to Central America. In December, my second granddaughter graduated from University of Tennessee-Knoxville and immediately got a job and moved to North Carolina.  I was on a natural high.  However, life started unraveling, quickly.

I got the flu and was sick the entire holiday season from Christmas to New Years.  I didn’t get to visit family and family did not get to visit me. In January, I started some contract work for a client and it has been very time consuming.  There have been many days for the last two months that I found myself in despair.  Behind a door was my life vision board that I created in 2006. It now hangs on the wall near my desk and I read it daily. Words cut out from a magazine and pasted on my vision board reads in part, “Many things knock you out…Like a good neighbor, friends and family are there (State Farm is crossed out).

It is crudely made, tattered, but offers the best advice I can give myself.  Dees vision board in 2006

I read blogs about what interests me just like everyone else.  I ran across Janine Adams’  blog on her website (Peace of Mind Organizing) that reinforced that I’m headed in the right direction to bouncing back. You can read this blog and see that she found a digital way to create a vision board.

Even if you choose not to create a vision board, remember everyday encouragement, uplifting and goal setting help comes from all sources–your faith, your family, your friends, your colleagues. Sometimes just a simple smile helps propel you forward to doing something that you desire to do.