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National Organize Your Home Office Day – A Gentle Prodding

MeshDrawerOrganizerSlvr2512G_xThis is where my expertise shines – organizing offices!  I think it has been devine intervention in that most jobs in my career working in nonprofit or the corporate environments required me to organize or re-organize the work spaces.  I’ve worked with some brillant business professionals who happened to be a little disorganized or held onto to much paper, therefore, I was a complement to them because I was organized.

For my own business, I spend a lot of time in my home office, of course. I keep less paper in my office as permanent documents but that doesn’t mean there are not temporary or permanent files in my office.  Some are paper, some are digitized, some are computer files.   I’ve always liked my desktop to be organized. Items on my desk that I use daily are within reach such as my tickler file, my telephone, pens and small reference books. My utility items such as my stapler, tape, paper clips, etc. are in my top desk drawer. I remember one of my professional colleagues commenting that my desk was always clean. That was because everything was in order. At night, I cleared everything from my desktop so that I could come back to the office with a fresh start.  I still do that now.

I like mesh desk drawer organizers.  You can line your desk drawer and dirt and trash will fall through the mesh then you just wipe the inside of the drawer, instead of having to always clean the drawer organizers. The ones shown above are from Container Store and range in price from $2.49 to $5.99 each.

Most of my organizing business has been helping clients organize their home offices.  Most of their offices were organized in some way and only needed to be refreshed or tweaked.  The biggest challenge for most of them was keeping way too much paper in sight which was a cause for clutter in the brain.  Too much clutter equates to less functionality.

Here’s the link to 4 Steps to Make the Most of Your Home Office from Smead. and Quick Tips to organize a home office from HGTV.

Today is National Organize Your Home Office Day. I want to encourage you to do start the process, even if it’s only to clear off your desk.