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Edited Places Organizing is Celebrating 2 Years in Business

“Necessity is the Mother of Invention!” — According to Wikipedia (and other sources agreed) The author of this proverb is not known but, sometimes, the proverb is ascribed to Greek philosopher Plato. This phrase was familiar in England, but in Latin, not in English. But, the earliest actual usage of the proverb “Necessity is the mother of invention” is sometimes ascribed to Richard Franck who used it in his book “Northern Memoirs, calculated for the meridian of Scotland.

No matter who created the proverb, it certainly rings true in the invention of Edited Places Organizing Service. I lost my job of 15 years in a large international nonprofit in Washington, DC and returned to Nashville, TN in 2010. I did not have any success in finding a full-time job for two years!  I had considered starting my own organizing business while living in DC  and had watched all the organizing TV Shows early in the years of the 2000 decade.  The organizing gene was deep with me. Most of my job performance evaluations had high ratings about my organizing skills.  Although in my research,  I found so many organizers, organizing blogs, organizing retail stores, organizing products for those of us who want to do it ourselves, I felt there was always room for one more to help someone renew their lifestyle.  I decided to ‘just do it!’ On January 26, 2012, with Necessity, Being the Mother of Invention, I walked out of the Davidson County’s Clerks Office with my business license in hand.

Boy, what emotions I felt that day —  happiness, anxiety, confidence, concern, creativity, patience, endurance!  I still have those feelings today. However, supporting me today, I have clients that put their trust in my abilities and skills to let me come into their home or business, and family and friends who encourage me.  Thanks to all of you, while enjoying  a life of purpose, lessons learned and being fulfilled, Edited Places Organizing Services is celebrating 2 Years in service!