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What To Do With Miscellaneous Stuff When Decluttering Your Home

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen I’m decluttering a client’s home,  often we find old or unused medications. You’ve been told not to flush down them down the toilet or throw them in the trash. What exactly do you do with them? I was at the Vehicle Registration office and was happy to see a Medicine Disposal Kiosk.

We use to be able to get rid of the old TVs at the local charitable thrift stores, but not anymore. Some of us have recycling services at our homes or in a central location in our neighborhoods, however, you are limited as to the items you can recycle. So what do you do with other stuff like old electronics, mattresses, hard drives from computers, etc..  After an Internet search, I found this Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson County Public Works Department “Nashville Area Recycling Service Providers” pdf:

 Nashville area residents, check it out! Most likely, other cities will offer a similar publication.  Just go to your  ‘ .gov ‘ website and conduct a search for recycling service providers.

Hopefully, this will be a resource you’ll be able to utilize often, and you’ll probably never have to wonder what to do with some of that stuff that’s in your closet, garage or junk room anymore.

If you got other resources or tips on how to get rid of miscellaneous stuff, please drop me a comment.