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In Life, There is the Beginning, the Middle and the End

We all want to live a great life and don’t want to think about it ending.  However, the end of our lives is the inevitable. Have you given any thought to the end of your life?  I often do in terms of wanting to be ready and assuring my family is not stressed with details during that time.

I’ve always found the American Red Cross to be one of the most comprehensive, preparedness organizations in the world. They  have a free 44-page guide, Touching the Future: Guide and Workbook for Estate Planning and Charitable Giving that I found very helpful. That’s a delicate title for preparing for end of life. It is a resource that includes a workbook to help you and your family organize and prepare a will and an estate plan.  Here’s the link to obtain the .pdf file you can save and edit on your computer, or they will send you a hard copy.



Pretty and Practical Organizing Products

Big Lots fabulous find

Found at Big Lots

Everything A $ Store Find

Everythings A $ Store Find

Shopping for items to organize a client’s space is one business task I enjoy more than the bookkeeping. When a client hires me, I’ll request that they do not purchase any organizing or storage products before we start the job. The reason is that most often, what you need is already in your home. It may take a creative mind to see how to reuse an item for organizing, such as repurposing a small bookshelf into a storage unit to hold towels and toiletries in a small bathroom. However, after the clutter is cleared, you may have to purchase some things. It’s important to include organizing and storage products in your budget when you plan to organize your space.


When I saw these cute storage bins at Big Lots, I thought one could be put in an entry closet to hold hats, gloves, scarves and other items you would store in an entry closet. Or,  perhaps you have a small child and one could be used as a dresser to hold underwear items. It’s hard to find a dresser for $29.99 and it can be repurposed as the child grows.  I went to the Everything’s A Dollar Store to stock up on things that I may need at a spur of the moment, such as sympathy cards and cheap batteries.  I found they had many shelves stocked with organizing items. These little silver and black bins could hold hair bands in the bathroom or paper clips in the home office. The best thing is that the items I saw were very practical and only $1.00!

When I attended a workshop last year, I met Teauna Upshaw, Independent Director for Thirty One Gifts in Nashville, TN. She recently sent me a .pdf that had organizing products to create a wonderful home office space. I wanted to redesign my office immediately!  Their products are a little bit more than Big Lots or the Everything’s A Dollar Store but if you have the budget, I’m sure you’ll find something you like so I’m sharing the .pdf and their website:

January Customer Special 2013 .pdf: ThirtyOne catalog January Customer Special 2013

Teauna’s website: .

When you’re shopping, take a look around to see if you can find pretty and practical organzing and storage products and let me know what you find. I could use a little help with my shopping task.