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A New Sweater for Christmas? – A Reason to Organize Your Closet!

I got a new sweater for Christmas and I’m not thinking about re-gifting it because I absolutely love it! However, I have several sweaters already. I’m a firm believer that when I bring one item into my home, I remove one item. The space I have designated in my closet only holds so many sweaters, so I have to make a decision as to which older sweater I’ll donate to someone.  The choice is easy because I have a sweater that is almost the same pattern as my new sweater.

Sweaters for web

The new year gives us a reason to organize, right?! Why not start with your closet? I’ve found a great Clothing Organizing Checklist from Real Simple Magazine to share with you.

Reap the rewards of keeping an organized closet by …

Gaining time in the morning when you’re getting dressed,

Making your clothes, shoes and accessories last longer when they are properly stored, and

Saving money because you don’t buy duplicate items when you know what’s in your closet.

I’m starting the new year off to a good start by wearing my new sweater, donating my old sweater and keeping my closet less cluttered from too many sweaters. If you haven’t decided what to do with the gift cards you received, why don’t you use them to help you create the closet of your dreams, or at least one that is better organized!  Let me know if one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to have an organized closet and how you plan to do it.

Happy New Year and Happy Closet Organizing!