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Celebrate National Food Day

Everyday of the year, there’s probably a celebration of some event. Some of these events are worthwhile because they remind us to find a cause and get involved in your own special way to improve ourselves or help our neighbors all around the world. Today is National Food Day, a nationwide celebration and a movement for healthy,  affordable, and sustainable food.

Here’s the link to Food Day 2012 :

Whether or not we join the movement, we are into the season of celebrating food, as we will be eating our way through the upcoming holidays. We must remember those around the world who have less or nothing to eat.  For that reason, we shouldn’t waste our food and develop food safety precautions to keep what we have.

There will be lots of food being cooked. eaten and leftover in our homes during the holidays. Check out iVillage for some food expiration tips.

You should also go back and read my first blog, “The Animal House Series, Article 1 – What’s Hogging Your Closet?” for other links to food products expiration.

I’m going to celebrate this day because I’m fortunate enough to have food today!