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An Easy Way to Make Extra Money – Have a Garage Sale!

From spring to fall, as you’re driving along, you see the signs on the side of the road daily – Yard Sale, Garage Sale! You say to yourself, “I’m going to have a garage sale and get rid of some of my clutter.” Then you think of how daunting it is to really go through all of your stuff and having to sort, price and display everything.

Start thinking of The Big Picture – you make some extra money and your home becomes more liveable!

Some Quick Tips on How Organize A Garage or Yard Sale

At least three weeks before:

Find out what is your community’s ordinance is on having garage or yard sales.

Set a date and time. Try to avoid holiday weekends.

Decide what items they no longer use or need.

At least two weeks before:

Discard what is broken and cannot be repaired. Repair what can be repaired for a better price.

Start cleaning up items or laundering clothing.

Place ads on free online community boards.

Contact a charitable organization to pick up items that don’t sale so you don’t put anything back into your home or storage. The Stuff Stop –  – is a free nationwide community resource website that provides information to match up your unwanted stuff with local charities, ministries and companies that connect it with people in need.

At least one week before:

Sort like items.

Hang clothing on hangers sorted by size.

Get your display tables and clothing racks together.

Start pricing items. You can purchase price stickers from retail stores or you can make your own. Make sure your price stickers can be easily removed from an item.

Collect shopping bags to have on hand for customers.

Put your signs out on main streets near your home – as large as you’re allowed and colorful with hints of items you’re selling.

Inform your neighbors so that they are aware you will have additional traffic.

The day of:

Get up early to set up so customers are not waiting for you.

Place a sign in your yard to direct customers.

Have lots of change and small bills on hand.

Have an extension cord on hand.

Free bottles of water would be an added benefit for customers.

After the sale, to reiterate, give away what doesn’t sale – do not take it back into your home or storage area.  Then, count your money and enjoy your less cluttered home.

Have you had a garage sale to declutter your home?  Let me know how you felt afterwards?

Staying Productive During “The Summer Syndrome!”

Summer is on the way and I just want to play!  Do you feel this way too?  Well, the reality is that, as adults, we have priorities in our lives—we have to work in order to take care of ourselves and our families before we play whether we’re a small business owner or an individual.

When grappling with the summer syndrome—the feeling of wanting to be on vacation and spending time outside instead of being cooped up inside working,  you sometimes become burned out and less productive? How can you stay focused at work? How can you balance work, personal or family responsibilities and vacation time?

The key is Time Management!  Time Management involves monitoring your time. Time Management involves delegation. Time Management is being flexible and creative so that you can adjust your schedule to be able to take time away from your work to enjoy those long, lazy summer days.



I can offer you insights on how to counteract “The Summer Syndrome” by offering you some key time management tools to help you stay productive and enjoy the long, lazy days of summer.   Contact me to find out how.