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The Good Old Days of Household Management

Some of my friends may remember seeing handwritten chores taped to the refrigerator. My Mom would post weekly chores for my cousin, Kenny (Bucket) and me. They had to be completed before we were allowed to do anything else like go out to play,  or invite friends over to visit. There were no self-cleaning ovens back in the day. I was the oven cleaner. My Mom worked full-time but took care of the home and never seemed stressed like parents do today.  We had other extracurricular activities but she had a say in what we could participate in and those activities could not interfere with our academics, her work schedule or our finances. She had a system which included getting the necessary help from everyone in the home. I’m saying, she ran an efficient household! Does your household run like the good old days?

Is your family overwhelmed with too much going on inside and outside the home which is causing stress and chaos?  Let me know and I can help. Contact me.

By the way, does anyone remember seeing the chores taped to the refrigerator in my home? Leave me a comment.

Knowing When You Need a Professional Organizer

I agree with Peter Walsh, Professional Organizer and Clutter Expert, Author and TV Personality who appears on the OWN Network. To me, whether you’re decluttering your space, your schedule or priorities, you’re renewing your lifestyle to be able to do the things that are important to you. 




Time to contact a professional organizer to help you when…


You’re experiencing a meltdown because you can’t function on a daily basis because of a particular situation in your life, such as:

  • You’re missing important appointments such as medical appointments or a meeting with your child’s teacher due to overload in your daily schedule.
  • You’re losing money because your financial records (bank statements, tax records, investment records, bill paying) are not current or not being taken care of.
  • Your search for files on your computer takes too long.
  • You’re embarrassed to entertain in your home because of clutter.
  • Pots and pans fall out of your kitchen cabinet every time you open the door.
  • You have three year old cosmetics in your bathroom.
  • Your garage looks like a tornado blew the entire neighborhood’s belongings into it.

A professional organizer can help you manage the complexity of your life. A solution may be as simple as showing you how to prioritize your daily schedule.

Contact me if you need organizational help, or perhaps someone you know needs my help, then have them to contact me. 

Your lifestyle, renewed.

Do You Celebrate National Organize Your Home Office Day?

By now, you realize that our calendars are full of national holidays, along with some pretty unconventional designated days of recognition.  Well, the second Tuesday in March has been designated as National Organize Your Home Office Day!  So my blog today is in honor of this day. 

I have been working with a married couple for almost a year. Their goal is to declutter their entire home.  Most people think that professional organizers come into their homes and want them to buy a lot of organizing products. As with any project, no matter what your income, you will set a budget for us to work within. You pick and choose where to splurge and where to save.

The wife had clothing in every closet in their home, including the space she utilized as a home office and  a professional  work from home office.  As you can see in the before after photos below,  the clothing was removed from the office closet and it became an Office Supply Closet. However, we used small bookshelves the client already owned to place her office supplies.  She was able to save by not purchasing additional shelving at this point, and  she used money from the budget in other areas she felt were more important. The doors to the closet are closed most of the time anyway.











If you’re fortunate enough to have a high budget home office, or if you’re like me and have a small budget home office, your goal should be to have it organized so that it will be functional for you. has a collection of articles to read and videos to view on National Organize Your Home Office Day and How to Organize Your Home Office.

Well, do you celebrate National Organize Your Home Office Day? Send me your comments.

Do you need your home office organized. If so, contact me

Happy National Organize Your Home Office Day!

Teaching Time Management Skills to Your School-Aged Children

As a child, did you stop and think about time?  Probably not much, except when the time to play would wind down or it was getting close to bedtime. What did you do most of the time—lay in bed, watch TV programs for so many hours, or play video games? The older you get, you start remembering the things that you have  or have not accomplished.

One of our most priceless resources is Time. It is something that you can no longer reclaim, once you lose it. You should make use of your time intelligently. Why?  For your growth and improvement as a person. Time well spent is precious. That’s why you need time management.

Do you stop to consider that time management should be a basic skill for your school-aged children? Finishing assignments from school can be an obstacle for them. Time management can be a problem for your children. They should be taught to manage their schedules properly. They are expected to attend their classes, complete their homework, meet social obligations with their peers and participate in other extracurricular activities. They should eliminate as many distractions and interruptions as possible to complete assignments in order to accomplish their academic obligations.  

You will decide what age you feel your children are mature enough to be taught time management skills. Don’t make them feel bad about not having good time management skills when it comes to academic endeavors.  It is not the end of the world!  The majority of adults have the same problems on how to manage their time. There’s always room for improvement for all of us. Your children need somebody to teach and guide them. What is necessary is to re-evaluate how you have been managing your daily activities and to modify them when necessary. Then help your children do the same.

Few people master the skill of time management. However, it a general need for everyone, especially if you are aspiring to achieve something in school, work and other personal endeavors.

A Simple Time Management Concept to Teach Your Children:

  1. Have them to list and compare all the activities they would like to achieve now.
  2. Ask them to decide how they will be affected by their choices later on in life.
  3. After listing all the things they are supposed to do every day, have them order their priorities.
  4. Help them create a planner for their schedules.
  5. Teach them that adjustments can be made in their schedules when necessary.
  6. They should allocate time for relaxation and entertainment.
  7. Tell them that whatever plan they have formulated, they will enjoy every moment of their lives if they manage time well.

My mother and my Sunday School teacher taught me that there’s a time and a place for everything! Did your parenting adult or someone else teach you time management skills when you were younger?   Send me your comments. I’d love to hear from you!

The Animal House Series, Article 3 – The Elephants in the Room

Article 3 in a Series of 3

When my daughter visited me after I moved to Washington, DC, she looked around the living room and stated, “You have a lot of stuff but it’s organized.  It’s not cluttered like some grandma’s houses.”  Recently my teenage grandson visited and asked, “What’s up with the tea pots?”  Those comments made me take a different look at ‘knick knacks’ and collectibles I had everywhere in my home.  Although I don’t have a collection of porcelain elephants taking over my home, I asked myself, “How does one start collecting things?”  For me, a few mementos are of sentimental value, such as the homemade cookbooks and Christmas ornaments made by my daughters when they were in preschool and elementary school. The teapot collection started when I found what I thought was a collectible teapot worth a lot of money at a yard sale.  That collection grew into about 20 teapots. When I moved back to Nashville and had to downsize my home, I took most of them to a local charity thrift store and kept those that I liked best, still enough for my grandson to notice.

Purging my collectibles, including my scrapbook paper collection, books, magazines, CDs, videos and decorative accessory objects has pained me greatly at times. However, when I do edit mementos and collectibles, my home looks less cluttered and my mind is uncluttered also.  I’m more productive and focused. I still have “stuff” but it looks good since there’s less stuff.  I’ve found great containers and organizing products. There are places your eyes can rest without seeing so much “stuff.”  My knick knacks are arranged by category or color. I wish I could showcase my grandmother’s china collection which is stored away in my buffet, but I’m afraid my daughter will steal it piece by piece. She’s still upset it was passed down to me instead of her and brings up the subject every chance she gets. LOL!

A few “do’s and don’ts” for a few collectibles:

Do find a way to show or secure your collectibles without taking up an excess amount of space in your home. Organization will be simpler for you and you’ll find you can put things almost anywhere if you find great organizing or display products. Be creative. For example, that vintage jewelry collection can be displayed in a shadow box and hung on a wall.

Don’t try to showcase all your collectibles in one space, especially if you live in a small space. This will appear as clutter. Try rotating items periodically. This will also help freshen up your home design.

Do purge books, magazines, CDs or videos if they’re out of date or you don’t enjoy them any longer. Share by donating to the local library, senior citizens centers, schools or hospitals.  Think tax deduction or the ‘I’m a good person feeling’ you get when you share!

Don’t put collectibles in an area that they don’t belong.  Put them where they’re purposeful. The porcelain elephant collection may look great in the kitchen but putting it in a curio cabinet in the living room would showcase it better.